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Post-War Print Art Dealer and Business Woman/ Lyndsey Ingram

ART SHE SAYS, March 2019

‘Beautiful Boy’ Discusses Gender Through Art at Millbrook Boarding School

ART SHE SAYS, April 2019

The Lost Works of Female Artists in Florence: Advancing Women Artists 

ART SHE SAYS, May 2019

Saving Trees Through Art: 

Nikolina Kovalenko

ART SHE SAYS, August 2019

Illesha Khandelwal:

Artist and Founder of ikattha in Mumbai

AR SHE SAYS, August 2019

Marisa Sotto: 'Everyone is Asleep But Me' Exhibition Opening

ART SHE SAYS, September 2019

1, Graphite and acrylic on paper mounted
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